What is General Construction?

General construction is an overarching term describing various forms of construction projects such as design, build, and remodel. Each facet of general construction generally involves a general contractor who will oversee every part of the process. Equipped with specialized skills essential for the different stages of your project, general contractors are the thread that tie all parts of your project together to ensure all needs are met.

While Advanced Home Repairs LLC specializes in commercial construction, some other types of general construction include civil engineering and specialty trade. Civil engineering construction deals with the process of planning and laying out public property items like sewers, roads, and bridges. Specialty trade construction deals in services such as the construction of plumbing, electrical and painting.

What Services Do General Contractors Offer?

  • Pre-bid site surveys
  • Estimating
  • Project management
  • Following building guidelines and regulations
  • Client communication
  • Providing materials and equipment
  • Hiring specialized subcontractors for the build

Why Choose Advanced Home Repairs LLC for Your Next Construction Project?

With a company motto of Whatever It Takes and general contractors licensed in California, your project is in good hands from the beginning to a successful project completion. Whether you need a brand new retail space or a restaurant franchise remodel, Advanced Home Repairs LLC, specialists and project managers will ensure that your project runs smoothly and that you’re well-informed during the entire process. We are dedicated to your success which is why we have built long-lasting relationships with most of our clients.

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